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Pure Wave Cm5 Massager

The pure-wave m5 is an 8, 5 v ac adapter charger for the cm-05 cm-5 cm5. This tool is essential for folks who crave to adopt this Massager with their standard ac adapter, the pure-wave m5 is a real lifesaver for suitors who have a power outage.

Cm5 Pure Wave Massager

The Massager is a dedicated 8, 5 v ac adapter that helps you connect your own 8. 5 v power supply, this will in turn power your cm-05 and cm-5 devices. The Massager also includes an 8, 5 v power switch, so you can keep your devices connected even when there is no power. The pure-wave Massager is a high-quality and efficient tool for improving flow and tension in the vagina, this tool uses 8. 5 v ac adapter for free and single use, the pure-wave is fantastic for people who desire to improve their flow and tension in the vagina. This Pure Wave Massager by pure-wave is an excellent surrogate for shoppers with ac adaptors, the c5 model offers an 8. 5 v ac adapter and is power supplies, the Massager itself is again Pure Wave and grants a high quality look and feel. The c5 is a good choice for lovers who wish for a Pure Wave model without the of some of the Pure waves, this model also includes an 2-position positioner for facile control. This Pure Wave Massager by Pure Wave extends an 8, 5 v power supply. It is an excellent tool for the treatment of massage workshops and is even more top for the treatment of single points of pressure, the Massager gives a black color and it is manufactured of durable plastic. It effortless to handle and is designed to help you in the treatment of your body and mind.