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Electronic Pulse Massager

The tens unit Electronic Pulse Massager is a top-rated tool for israeli and other with related medical problems to reduce their pain and improve their torment, the tensile metal fabrications use a power that is designed to soothe, massage and even treat medical problems.

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50PCS Snap On Replacement Pads For Pulse Massager & Electrode Tens Unit USA

20 PCS Snap On Replacement

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Pulse Massager

The tens unit is a pressure torsionally balanced unit of artificial intelligence that helps us treat pain relief and therapeutic massage needs as well as platelet rich technology, the unit imparts an on-off switch and can be used with one hand while your continental breakfast is delivered to your bedroom on your left hand side at 0400 hours. The tens unit can also be used with one hand to massage various body parts including the chest, stomach, and thighs, the unit renders a detachable cord that can be used for cleaning or storage. The tens unit is a pressureless, self-contained electrical system that allows for the medium-term treatment of pain in the body with electrical pulses, the unit can be used to the relief of anxiety, stress, anxiety, and pain conditions. The tens unit can be used to apply electrical pulses to the skin, muscle, and hair to provide pain relief, this digital Pulse Massager presents 4 electrode pads for treating a variety of conditions. The body is fabricated of durable plastic and the handle is fabricated of rubber, the tens Electronic Pulse Massager presents a small, lightweight, and fast delivery of energy. This pressure-based device also includes a back and for th motion which is especially suited for shoppers with sensitive skin, the tens unit Electronic Pulse Massager is designed for use with pain relief and pain management purposes. It uses a manual on/off switch to on/off the massage mode and the use of a tens light or sound signal negates the need for an electric pain unit, the tens unit is origin from germany and is specifically designed to provide pain relief and for that reason is often called the " Electronic pain relief mask ".