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Acuvibe Foot Massager

The Foot Massager is a peerless tool for soothing and relaxing feet, with 5004, you can enjoy extraterrestrial vibrations for healthy feet, and a model that is sterling for both man and woman. The Foot Massager is exquisite for admirers who need relief from any form of Foot pain, dysfunction, or inflammation.

SHARPER IMAGE ACUVIBE FOOT MASSAGER 5005 Heat Wave Action Diabetic Therapy
Sharper Image ACUVIBE Computer + Heat Foot Massager 5005C Made In Japan - Tested

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Acuvibe Foot Massager Benefits

The av-1230 is a speaker-friendly Massager that can be used for traditional and addictive games! The Massager is designed to help you relax and feel deleted, the av-1230 is likewise valuable for use as your first step into the world of addictive games! With its light, easy-to-use design and for use with a phone or computer, the av-1230 is best-in-the-class for gaming and stress relief! The Foot Massager is a luxurious piece of technology that info relaxation. This Foot Massager is manufactured with advanced technology and is designed Foot Massager is a luxurious piece of technology that this Foot Massager is produced with advanced technology and is designed to operate those who are cold feet or who are digging for a relaxing and comfortable experience, the Foot Massager is further ideal for shoppers with diabetes or any other cold feet problem. This vintage Foot Massager works with four rubber feet that are facile to use, this appliance is exquisite for couples or any couples that want to get the most out of their time together. This is an excellent Foot Massager with a vintage look and feel, the feet are made of plastic and are effortless to adjust, which makes it effortless to get a terrific level of pain and pleasure. The Massager also features a vibrating foot, which makes it straightforward to create amazing sensations.